BrightBox Inc. is a company that envisions to offer creative and new technology products and services, that will have a relevant impact on the industries and to society as a whole.

The company was incorporated in year 2005 as a systems integrator and distributor of state of the art creative media products and services. Its main thrust is to combine Broadcasting and Information Technology and introduce the current worldwide trend which is the dynamic Digital Signage to the Philippines.

To strengthen its digital signage offering, BrightBox got the distribution rights for industry leading broadcast multimedia companies, as well as Light Emitting Diode (LED) indoor/outdoor screens. These products complement our Digital Signage design and implementation. Through continuous Research and Development, BrightBox developed advanced Digital Signage technologies such as but not limited to: Interactive signage, Downloadable content signage, Motion Detector triggered signage, SMS inserter, Split Screen signage, Real time RSS display, etc.

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